TFSO identity

Objective: To develop a logo and corporate identity for the Tomsk federation of sport Orienteering (TFSO) . Design of the main symbols of the regional public organization TFSO shows the key components of a corporate identity:

- Regionality: communication pattern of the logo with decorative elements wood architecture of Tomsk.

- Associative: the use of basic shapes and colors are determined by the symbols of orienteering, including, and international and clearly point to an area of the federation.

- Recognition: the predominance of red-orange in color, instantly recognizable logo and font.


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Movie Hipster Kits by Alizée Lafon

It’s always important to pack the bare essentials when it comes to cult classic movies. Alizee’s Movie Hipster Kit series distills several iconic films into their most memorable props, telling the story in just a few simple inanimate objects. You can request a print at her curioos page. 

Artist: Behance / Tumblr / Twitter

Installation of colorful masking tape (by Koji Iyama)

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SE birthday

Objective: To congratulate the friend and the head on his birthday. Inspired by and

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